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Which Garage Door Bottom Seal?

A good garage door bottom seal should effectively seal the area between the garage door and the floor. It should insulate the garage from the outer weather conditions and temperature and should keep out water, snow, dirt, and leaves from entering underneath the door of the garage. In addition, it should prevent critters and other animals from crawling into the garage area and making it their home.

Threshold and Seal Fit

In choosing the best garage door bottom seal, the most important consideration is the fit between the threshold and the seal. In addition, these two essential components must be of high quality. Their performance will mean the difference between keeping weather, rain, insects, and critters out or letting them all in.

One should carefully measure the garage door and threshold before making any purchases. Uneven surfaces should also be taken into consideration. A good threshold and seal combination would ensure a snug and tight fit even with any unevenness in wooden doors or concrete floors.

Igarage door bottom sealt is also worth considering what kinds of vehicles will often drive over the garage’s threshold. Is it limited to vehicles, or will there also be wheelbarrows, bicycles and lawn mowers? One must also ask if the garage floor is hosed down and swept on a regular basis. A sizable volume of rain water also affects what threshold material is appropriate to use.

The location of the home is also an important consideration when choosing the appropriate bottom seal. Cold climates may leave rubber and vinyl stiff, which impairs their ability to properly conform to the threshold. They could even crack and break from brittleness caused by the extreme temperature, which creates openings where debris and drafts could enter.

Choose brands that have adequate compression while still performing optimally even at sub-zero temperatures. For houses in warmer climates, one may choose rubber seals which can maintain their shape even in extreme summer heat.

Choose a seal which is available in one full piece because having more than one piece may cause complications. There would be difficulty in creating a tight fit if the seal is not a single continuous strip along the entire length of the door. Many brands have seals available in lengths of twenty feet or more, so this is not much of a problem.

garagedoorthresholdKinds of Thresholds

A good threshold is essential. It is the first line of defense against water. On concrete floors, it can easily be installed using adhesives. Be wary of sharp objects that run over bottom seals, for they can create significant damage.

Metal and aluminum thresholds are appropriate if water is not a major consideration. They are good for all kinds of weather conditions and can be highly recommended for doors that are not made of wood. If the garage door is wooden, a threshold made of heavy rubber is recommended. Its extensive width provides multiple points of contact that ensure a better fit even in the presence of imperfections on the garage door.

Pairing up a metal garage door and fibreglass garage door with metal and rubber thresholds respectively is the ideal. In addition, a tight fit between the door and threshold would mean higher energy savings because the heater and air conditioner would not have to work harder. More savings can be incurred with the addition of garage door weatherstripping.

A Checklist for Choosing a Garage Door Bottom Seal:

  1. Choose a brand that has a barrier with a minimum of at least one-half inch.
  2. All-weather adhesive is ideal.
  3. Choose the look that is appropriate for the home
  4. Remember to have a caulking gun and the instructions on hand during installation.
  5. Make sure the product offers a lifetime warranty.

Proper maintenance

It is a must for the conscientious homeowner to always keep garage door maintenance in mind. The proper workings of the garage door should be checked at least once a year to ensure that its efficiency is enjoyed all year round. The best time to think about maintenance is during the summer months before the onslaught of snow and cold weather becomes a headache.

Never forget that a good functioning garage door includes the proper performance of the bottom seal as well as the threshold. A good garage door would not be complete without the correct functioning of these essential parts.